Heritage Voice was established to advocate that heritage forms a foundational part of Irish culture.
We aim to ensure that the intrinsic, economic, social, and personal values of heritage to all people and communities of Ireland are reflected in local and national policy.

Our Aims

Heritage Voice is a voluntary collective of individuals involved in and passionate about Irish cultural heritage, what it means and the many ways it can contribute to Irish society.

Our goal is to make sure that the voice of Irish heritage is heard at both local and national levels, making sure that heritage is recognised as one of the cornerstones of Irish identity and culture, and that its role in the Irish economy is acknowledged

What is Heritage?

“Heritage” is an umbrella term that includes everything from buildings to butterflies. Some areas of heritage have seen stronger representation than others in the past. This is a position we hope to correct.

The work of Heritage Voice members focuses on built and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. This includes architectural heritage, folklore, archaeology, local history and more.

Our Approach

We seek to work in partnership with existing heritage bodies and representatives and to speak out as an independent, positive voice for all involved in heritage and the many areas of life which it impacts.

At the heart of our mission is constructive engagement with all involved in heritage, local and national politicians and local authorities to increase awareness of the importance, value and potential of our national heritage resource

Our Key Pillars

Over the coming months and years we will be highlighting the importance and value of heritage across a number of areas, including:

Heritage, Biodiversity & Climate Change

Heritage and Education

Heritage and Tourism

Heritage and Wellbeing

Heritage and Urban Regeneration

Heritage and the Countryside